Mozy is one of the premiere online backup solutions. It’s easy to install and is powered by the folks at EMC the same company that does backup work for big corporations. The technology is solid with 448-bit Blowfish encryption and unlimited storage for 1 computer starting at $4.95 a month.

We setup Mozy on 2 computers on the same network. One an IBM ThinkPad and the other a box we built. Both systems are running XP Pro with the latest service packs. Installation was fast and easy. The ThinkPad backup was up and running very quickly. The desktop required the opening of a secure port so Mozy could do its work.

Mozy has improved its software so you can browse for specific files and also allows you to recover files on a new computer should the old one die completely. The initial backup of our two systems took several days. However, the bandwidth that Mozy uses can be throttled to minimize the impact on everyday computer use. We really like that we can adjust the amount of bandwidth the application is using on the fly. This makes the service unobtrusive and pleasant to have on board.

Once the initial backup is completed Mozy only touches files that have been added or changed. This makes subsequent backups much faster and if you don’t add huge amounts of data at once you won’t even notice. Of course, if you’re a video editor or something along those lines Mozy will constantly be working in the background. We recommend dedicating a few folders to Mozy with your important stuff. That way you won’t waste resources on stuff you really don’t need to protect. Mozy does a pretty good job of picking common default folders for backup up files on a typical PC.

Okay, now you have no excuse. There are plenty of options for backing up your data. Mozy is robust and reasonably priced and combined with local hard media solution is a rock solid partner for keeping your stuff safe and secure.

Visit Mozy for more information and to sign up for a free 2GB trial.