The Dell UltraSharpTM 3007WFP-HC 30 inch monitor offers an incredible amount of desktop real estate and very good quality for most applications. Right now Dell is closing this monitor out while a new version with improved contrast ratio starts to ship.

At one time having two Samsung 19 inchers side by side was considered extravagant. The3007WFP-HC will quickly spoil anyone used to working with two smaller monitors side by side. The 2560X1600 resolution is simply awesome for those applications that require every bit of the 30 inch display. One of our clients purchased several of these monitors to use with a new application built on Microsoft’s Silverlight. Having the larger monitors reduces mouse clicks and has made the team much more efficient. Although, we were left wondering why Silverlight is so inflexible but that’s for another discussion.

The 30 incher is a must have for CAD, graphic design and video production. However, for the latter we’d opt for a monitor with a higher contrast ratio and blacker blacks. Of course, you’ll pay a premium for these features.

To drive the 007WFP-HC monitor at the highest resolution, you’ll need a dual-link DVI-D graphics card that supports 2560x1600. Dual-link doesn’t look any different than regular DVI connector. However, dual link contain twice as many wires and the cable is thicker. So both the card and cable are required to make this work.  Quadro cards from nVidia are a good place to start but make sure you check the specs.

There are a variety of video cards that will drive this monitor, some better than others. The high performance cards often require a better power supply to drive them and a large PC case to accommodate them. If you have a mini tower or smaller PC of any kind this may be a problem for you. For the record, we really like the design of the current lineup of HP workstations. Ironically, the Dell Optiplex system we used to test this monitor could only fit two of myriad dual link cards on the market. To top it off, the folks at Dell sent us the wrong card installed in the system and then sent us a replacement that also didn’t work. Nice to know they’re so knowledgeable about their own products.

In spite of some extra steps necessary to get this monitor up and running it’s worth considering, especially at the close out price.

Visit Dell for more information.