This Linksys WMP600N wireless network card is a Dual-Band Wireless-N (Draft 802.11n) card that comes with regular and low profile brackets for installation on just about any PC. Set up could not have been faster and the spartan wireless utility offered a very simple and effortless configuration.

The WMP600N shines best of course with a nice strong signal. We were expecting better signal given are relatively short distance to the D-Link 655 router. However, in spite of 5 sheets of drywall and an elevation change, throughput was actually pretty good considering the inconvenience of running Cat-6 to this remote location.

When we inserted a range extender performance was much better of course. Our test workstation has seen some flaky cards that hog resources and frequently drop signals. The Linksys WMP600N was very stable and played nice with the rest of the hardware and software in the system. Certainly worth considering if you're looking to expand or improve your wireless network.

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