The HP P6310Y is a great choice for an everyday computer. The P6310Y comes loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium, Norton Antivirus, Microsoft Works 9.0 and a 90 day trial version of Microsoft Office. So it’s ready for the home office right out of the box. We we’re up and running with multiple applications and Pandora streaming music in the background in no time.

The motherboard leaves very little room for expansion but the good news is the P6310Y is loaded plenty of features to handle just about any application. There’s a 15-in-1 media for various types of flash memory, a dual layer DVD burner with LightScribe so you can etch labels into the discs your burn, 6GB or PC3-10600 memory, an Athlon II 630 quad-core processor, 1TB hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce 9100 graphics.

If you’re a hard core gamer or in need of 3D rendering power obviously this isn’t going to cut it but for casual gaming the P6310Y can hold its own. There’s plenty of power for editing home movies and making DVDs.

The HP P6310Y is a good choice for anyone that needs a new PC for all around computing tasks in the $600 price range. You may be able to find other systems with slightly better specifications for the money but HPs online support and frequently updated drivers make their systems worth considering.

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