Samsung S2 USB Portable Drive Review

The Samsung S2 is a super sleek 2.5 inch that weighs just 0.34 pounds. We tested the 5400 RPM, 250GB version that sells for under $50.

The S2 comes with a short USB cable just long enough to connect the device and place it next to a compact desktop machine. It gets power from the USB port so no additional power supply is required. The S2 worked fine with both legacy and USB 2.0 systems. It's extremely quiet and emits very little heat.

We also used it as a local drive as part of a Mozy backup scheme. The S2 worked great and would be a good solution for someone without massive storage needs. By the way, the new version of Mozy works good too.

The Samsung S2 comes with a little carrying case but we don't recommend using it because you may end up dropping the drive when sliding it out of the case. Just use it for the warranty period of 3 years and change it out when the time comes.

These little drives come in handy for all kinds of things. With this super slim form factor this drive can go just about anywhere a USB flash drive can go and you’ll get a lot more storage for the money.

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