The Seagate GoFlex family of external drives are ultraportable and versatile. The drives are ready for USB 2.0 / 3.0 right out of the box and additional connectors can be purchased for connecting to other protocols such as Firewire 800 which is more common on Macs.

The drives are handy for backing up and moving files between Macs and PCs. We sometimes take them on our Video shoots as backup drives. We’ll connect with Firewire 800 to backup from the Macs in the field and then dump it in using USB or eSata back in the studio where we mostly use PCs.

The GoFlex family is not ruggedized in any way. In fact, the drives are in a plastic case which feels quite flimsy and squishy. However, if taken care of properly and not drop kicked around the drives have performed reliably. We’ve had 3 500GB units in use for a few months without any problems.

The biggest attraction of course is the flexibility implied in the name. The additional connectors for Firewire, eSata...etc., cost $30. That’s too high. If you purchase multiple connectors all of sudden you’re at a price point where you could have purchased an Iomega or Laci product with all of the connectors built in already. So it’s kind of silly to by a GoFlex drive and all the connectors.

However, if you primarily only use 1 or 2 connectors and ultra portability is a factor, the GoFlex series becomes much more attractive. We’d like to see the additional connectors drop to the $10-$20 range which is much more reasonable.

Visit Seagate for more information.