Airlink101 300N Review

I was presently surprised to find the Airlink 300N Wireless Adapter provided the best bang for buck in a PCI wireless adapter and was also the most stable product when used with several different wireless routers from D-Link, Belkin and Netgear. This is a great little wireless card.

Moreover, we had better results using the Airlink 300N with Belkin, D-Link and Netgear routers than we had using wireless cards with routers from the same manufacturer. We tried 3 different Belkin wireless options with 2 different wireless N routers. No matter what combination we used we had to consistently "repair" the network connection. The Airlink 300N was able to maintain its connection and throughput over extended periods of time with the Belkin better than the Belkin products. Next up was D-Link. D-link was much better than both Belkin and Netgear in our tests but not quite as stable as the Airlink 300N. Netgear was better than the Belkin but worse than D-link. Funny, but our best overall results paired a D-Link wireless router with Airlink101 300N cards.

Airlink, based in Fremont, California has quietly been building a quality brand of networking solutions that offer tremendous value. The 300N features 3x dipole antennas for greater distance and continuous coverage, supports WEP, WPA1 and WPA2 security with 300Mbps speed. It's a great value at 2x its selling price.

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