Installation was easy enough. Setting up a RAID of any kind may be a little confusing to anybody doing it for the first time but Buffalo does a good enough job with the installation and utility that any hiccups should be minimal. The bundled Memeo backup utility is also very straightforward. The software walks you through choosing what files to backup and where to put them. In RAID 1 you automatically create 2 backup files and don't have to worry about a drive failing.

The Buffalo DriveStation Duo 1TB in RAID 1 combined with an optical, tape or online backup solution should make for a very hardy solution. Having 500GB or redundant local storage is convenient and combined with the Memeo backup you can simply set it and forget it.

We like Buffalo's aggressive pricing on the DriveStation Duo, however, we do have some concerns. On two systems we tested the DriveStation tended to go offline and required a restart of the system to get back online. It didn't lose any data and it seemed to peform okay but this random offline thing was not acceptable. We think we'll look elsewhere for a robust local backup solution. In the meantime, keep the online backup account alive.

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