Once your data is backed up a green dot appears next to the file icon. New files will appear with a yellow dot next to them until Carbonite has made a backup copy. When all the files on your PC have a green dot next to them you can rest assured knowing everything is backed up. It has some examples such as your outlook folder and my documents.

After Carbonite is installed a Carbonite 'drive' appears under 'My Computer'. If you explore the contents of the Carbonite drive you'll see all the files you've told it to back up for you. If you need to restore lost of deleted files from the Carbonite drive to your PC simply drag and drop. It really couldn't be any easier. The Carbonite directory includes a watermark so it's easy to know when you're exploring files actually living on your PCs internal drive versus exploring files on Carbonite's servers.

The cost of the service is $50/year and includes unlimited storage. Well worth it when you consider what you might spend on CD and DVD media to back up your files. However, there are some limitations on size and types of files so check the terms and conditions as they may change over time.

Lastly, while we think Carbonite is a dynamite service and tremendous value, it should be just one part of a redundant backup strategy. Using removable media in addition to an online backup service like Carbonite is an even better way to go and will insure the availability of your data in case of temporary online outages or server failure and vise versa if something should happen to the facility where you store you backup media. For most people, Carbonite is an excellent first step.

Visit Carbonite for more information.