The iP6700D excels and photo printing and also does a fine job with text. Yes, it's not a laser but it's certainly more than adequate for SOHO users. Anyone with a digital camera that likes to print their own at home will be very pleased with the results. 'Keeper' pics should still be sent to the lab for processing but the iP6700D outputs candid shots that are more than adequate for framing.

Canon boasts of having 3,072 precision nozzles capable of producing resolutions of up to 9600 x 2400 dpi. The iP6700D uses two high-intensity photo inks plus four conventional inks to help enhance image quality. Whatever the technology, it works just fine.

We didn't really bother with the 3.5" color LCD viewer because we tend to import pics into the PC, crop, tweak..etc. So, sure it's nice but usually a printer is located in sub-optimal locations for any hands-on use. We personally would like to see the manufacturers focus on the print engine and reliability versus marketing driven features such as superfluous displays and media readers. I know lots of people that import their pics into Picassa and email, print and share. However, I don't know anyone using the built-in card readers.

Canon has done a very good job of analyzing the workflow of its customers. Their digital cameras and printers are lessons in ergonomics and design. The iP6700D offers good value, looks good and does its job. What more do you want for a $150 printer?

Visit Canon for more information on the Pixma iP6700D.