Verbatim Corporate Secure USB Drive Review

When the device is first connected to a computer it launches a small setup application. The user is required to enter a password that's 6 to 16 characters long containing a number, special character, and capital letter. The Store 'n' Go Corporate uses 256 bit AES hardware encryption and is compatible with mTrust security software for central management by an IT department. The device requires Windows Windows XP, or 2000 SP4 or higher.

The Store 'n' Go Corporate Secure USB Drive, is designed to meet the information security and regulatory compliance needs of the corporate and government market such as Sarbanes-Oxley. While businesses are being run in a more transparent way keeping access to sensitive data is still a priority.

The portability of USB drives makes them ultra convenient. Unrestricted access to PCs is probably more of a liability than stealing data from the drives themselves. So a unified approach to protecting all your IT assets will work best.

Using the Store 'n' Go Corporate editing of this secure USB device is just like using any other USB drive. The case is a little sleeker in jet black and it's not as flimsy as the cheaper, plastic-cased drives we've used. All in all the Verbatim Store n' Go Corporate edition is a good choice for a convenient and secure way to transport and store your data.

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