Secret Lab Throne Gaming Chair Review

throne purpleSecret Lab makes a variety of gaming chairs. These are essentially very nice office style chairs with attractive and ergonomic designs. The chairs come shipped in a big box with the color of the chair on the outside of the box. It would be very difficult to ship the wrong item.

Secret Lab does a really nice job of packaging the chair and making it dead simple to assemble. They recommend getting the help of a friend to assemble the chair which we didn't find necessary. There are some excellent assembly videos available too for those tackling their first chair. This video by Secret Lab really shows how easy it is to put together. Everything is well organized and there's also an excellent 1 sheet in the box if the wifi is down.

The trickiest part of the assembly is dealing with the plastic wrap of the seat cushion and avoiding the recline mechanism. Secret Lab does a good job of making sure you know not to touch the mechanism until the the back of the chair is attached to the base. They really make you deathly afraid and we can't help but wonder if there's another way to achieve this assembly without the added stress and warning when you first open the box.

Once assembled the Secret Lab Throne chair is a very comfortable chair. It comes with two small pillows for lumbar and neck support. These are nice but we didn't find we needed them. The Throne is considered the small chair in the Secret Lab lineup but we found it comfortable for funkyfresh staffers of all shapes and sizes.

The Throne sells in the $250-$300 range. It's well made, looks good and easy to assemble. We'll decide if it's a good value based on how it holds up over time.