2. Price' Nobody is certain. The predictions range from $399 to $599. I'm going for the $399 price range because anything higher will almost be ridiculous, unaffordable and unjustifiable to my wife! I'm sure that Sony wants to get back in the game quickly. Sony will be about a year behind the Xbox 360.

3. Games' I don't have a problem saying that the games will be better than the Xbox 360 launch titles. Sony has this formula down pat. Game powerhouses like EA, Squaresoft, Tecmo, Namco and Capcom are on board.

4. Blu-ray discs. Might as well learn how to say BD, BD-ROM, BD-video, BD-everything. This will be the media format the PS3 is using for its games. The BD format has the ability to hold 50 gigabytes of data on a single disc side. Ironically, getting the BD processing right is the reason why Sony missed the March 2006 launch date. The BD is being used to stifle the enormous amount of piracy in Asia. By the way, the game industry is losing billions of dollars every year to piracy. Hence, this becomes a crucial piece of the puzzle.

5. The PS3 will ship will 60 Gb hard drives. Why' Read my next point.

6. Downloadable games. I'm not talking about Tetris or Hex or some Atari-arcade type games. Sony is toying with the idea of downloadable versions of PS3 games. With this in mind, a 60 Gb hard drive is not that big.

7. 100% backward compatible with PS1 and PS2 games' Don't bet your paycheck on this one. Let's go with 75 to 85% backward compatibility. Hey! That's still good. This is one of the main reasons I like Sony game systems. The backward compatibility actually extends the game system. Sony said that the PS3 should be good to hold for 10 years. Yeah, right!

8. CPU and GPU - The PS3 will be using what it calls a Cell Processor for the Central Processing Unit. The PS3's CPU and GPU combined will have the ability to process trillions of Floating-point Operations per Second or FLOPS. That's a lot of match. This gives the PS3 the ability to not only process super detailed graphics but also myriad inputs for cameras, mics, online connections and more. Imagine playing a game with Pixar-quality graphics in real-time.

9. Controllers will be wireless using Bluetooth technology. That makes us a little nervous but bluetooth has gotten much more robust the last few years. It will also have USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi capability. PSP owners rejoice! The PSP can probably be integrated here as well. I'm also assuming that PS3 mics and headsets will be utilizing the Bluetooth technology.

10. Online/multiplayer-ready using an Ethernet modem, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g - Layman's term: plug and play online connectivity without the headache

Are you excited yet?


G1XM4N (gixman) is the resident hardcore gamer at funkyfresh.

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