The strength of the PSP lies in its ability to produce crisp sound and vivid colors. Movies like Spiderman 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean jump out of the screen. You can easily forget that you are holding a portable system. The UMD format is growing on me. UMD's are the three and a half inch disk used by the PSP for games and movies. But of course I thought Mini-Discs were a pretty cool technology too.

The built in WiFi isn't bad. It works as long as you have the game Wipe Out Pure. The game has the necessary software that will allow you to surf the web using the PSP. The software could use a little tinkering but it works when you need it in a pinch

The PSP has a huge following and fan base. This is mainly because some creative people have found a way to create emulators to allow owners to play old school arcade and console games. I have also found free software that will easily convert AVI, QuickTime and MPEG files to MPEG 4 files for the PSP. Again, everything is very easy to use and it works.

The caveat is you have to have version 1.0 or 1.50 of the PSP firmware. Then again, I found software that will convert the current firmware version to 1.50. It's all just a few keywords and clicks away thanks to our friends at Google.

This system is truly revolutionary. So, if you're a busy guy or girl who wants to play games and watch movies and videos while on the run, the PSP is for you.

giXman is the resident hardcore gamer at funkyfresh.