The radioactive symbol in the bottom left corner when read clockwise indicates 10, 20 and 30 minute intervals or any ccombination thereof and is used with the series of 9 LEDs above it to indicate the total number of minutes. Radio Active wisely chose to omit an indicator for seconds.

At first, it seems like a lot of work compared to an analog watch for something as simple as telling the time. However, the Active Reactor is so much more fun than your typical watch and after a few days you can easily tell the time with a quick glance. Very few watches will illicit the response the Active Reactor does. 'What is that'' and 'That is so cool!' are common reactions.

The Active Reactor, despite its toy like characteristics, is a quality timepiece. It's completely stainless steel, water resistant, and Radio Active backs it up with a 1 year warranty. The face is a mineral crystal and it seems pretty tough however it's definitely a casual watch and not something I would wear swimming, while working outside or throwing the ball around. Also, it's very difficult to read the LEDs in direct sunlight. This is a watch that's best used indoors or at nighttime. It's certainly a conversation piece at the pub or at the club.

This is the second time this month we've featured a watch in the review section of funkyfresh. We usually don't go back to back with similar product reviews but we found the Active Reactor so funky and so fresh we just couldn't resist. The design is fun and functional and I hope we see more of the same from other watch manufacturers this year.

The Active Reactor is currently available only in Japan. Tokyoflash will ship the Active Reactor just about anywhere. The company does a nice job with the packaging and the watch comes with a handy little storage case. Shipment to the US only took a few days. Visit theTokyoflash online store for more information and all the specs.