The slot-loading design is critical to making this user friendly with fewer parts to break. We've seen far to many clam shell style portable DVD players that break too easily.

Although we imagine this unit will mostly be used with headphones we'd like to see NU include better quality speakers for those times when sharing the device is practical or headphones aren't necessary. A little more low-end and a few more watts of power should do the trick.

We really like the buttons on this unit and the way it performed on the road. On our journey from San Francisco to LA it never skipped a beat. It's certainly road worthy. We didn't drop it or punish it too much but we imagine the WDR800 could take a fair amount of abuse based on the quality of the case and buttons.

NU tell us the WDR800 will play all DVD/CD/+R/-R/+RW/-RW/Double Layer Media as well as MP3s,MPEG4 and DivX files. And it can serve as a pretty slick photo-CD player too. We like what we're seeing from NU and hope they continue to unleash more affordable funky products.

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