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Monster Power 3500 Review

The Power Pro 3500 easily powered an edit suite with a rack of gear, PCs, amps and more. Before installing the Pro 3500 we noticed some strange and audible distortion contaminating our sound. The Power Pro 3500 made a big difference. It was much easier to work on mixes because the clean power resulted in less ear fatigue. The overall result was more transparency and depth in the audio. We often do voice over work that requires matching sound previously recorded in another studio and were able to do that more readily with the neutral recording environment the Power Pro 3500 helped to create.

The 3500 uses a three-stage sequential power-up/power-down for digital, analog, and high current outlets. Turn on the PowerCenter. The digital outlets are switched, and the analog and high current outlets are separately timed, providing sequential activation of your components. This gives your digital “front-end” equipment a chance to initialize and run any self tests that the manufacturer has programmed. After a 3-second delay, the analog outlets are turned on. The high current outlets are turned on last after a 6-second delay, preventing the loud thump from getting to your speakers. Power-down is in the reverse order to protect your equipment. This feature basically does what we use to do in a manual fashion. Very helpful and shows Monster has put considerable thought into how its products are actually used.

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