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Samsung 58A650 Plasma Review

The Samsung 58A650 is a very well done plasma TV that isn’t as cheesy as the “touch of color” catalog pictures might suggest. The 58A650 has some of the best specs you’ll find in a plasma TV. It’s attractive and also includes a pretty good build-in sound system

DLP, laser, LCD and plasma TVs all have their strengths. With plasma it’s all about very rich color, contrast, viewing angle and brightness. The Samsung 58A650 delivers on all fronts and is ready to roll with very little calibration right out of the box.

Samsung has continually improved the GUI and software on its TVs. Some of the early Samsung DLP TVs were a joke when it came to tweaking settings and navigating the menu structure. Samsung’s current generation of TVs is leaps and bounds ahead of the early sets and much more user friendly.

The most difficult part of setting up a big screen TV these days is moving it around and deciding where to put it. Since this is a review unit we simply left it on a stand. The swivel makes it easy to connect to the entire home theater system. We love HDMI. The 58A650 has plenty of connections including one for your PC. A 58 inch plasma makes a pretty awesome PC monitor.

So this “Touch of Color” thing, yeah, what’s that all about? Well it’s basically a subtle band of red light on the bezel of the TV. It can be toggled on and off. It essentially gives a Virgin American cabin vibe to your plasma. I think the biggest problem with this feature is the marketing materials. The red glow isn’t nearly as bright as the pictures suggest. In fact, it’s barely noticeable and can be toggled on and off.

Samsung is hitting its stride with it’s entire lineup of TVs. We’ve seen this model on closeout for under 2K which is a pretty screaming deal. If you’re in the market for a plasma this is worth a look

Visit Samsung for more information about its Plasma technology and its entire lineup of audio video products.



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