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Uniden DECT 1480-3 Cordless System Review

If you still like the convenience and reliability of a traditional landline and are in need of a new cordless system, the Uniden DECT 1480-3 offers really good value, under fifty bucks, for a 3 handset bundle.

It’s kind of silly to spend a lot of money on a cordless phone system these days. Many households have lost the landline all together preferring to keep it simple with just a cell connection or perhaps Vonage or Magic Jack.

The Uniden DECT 1480 features DECT 6.0 technology which provided very good range and clear reception. DECT 6.0 works in a frequency band that does not interfere with WiFi so that’s a nice improvement over the older 5.8 GhZ technology.

For under $50 you get three decent handsets and a digital answering machine with 14 minutes of record time. There is no setup required at all. Simply plug everything in. Let it charge for a while and you have a working 3 handset system.

The buttons are decent, the call quality good and each handset has a speakerphone. The handsets are light and comfortable to use without feeling cheap. On the other hand, the answering system is really bare bones. You cannot record your own message without first reading the manual.  It's actually a nice way of doing it where you use a handset to record the greeting versus using a mic on the base unit.  However, we imagine a lot of folks will be stuck with the computer voice to let callers know to leave a message as no one RTFM these days.  Other than that, it's a dead simple system to understand.

The ringer volume for some of the ring tones could be a little louder but there are others you can choose if you want a really loud ringer.

Uniden is making some decent stuff these days and if you’re looking for a bare bones cordless system with good call quality the DECT 1480-3 system is a very good value.

Visit Uniden for more information.



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