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Fuji XP50 Waterproof Camera Review

The Fuji XP50 waterproof camera is an affordable option that takes pretty good photos both in and out of the water. The camera provides a decent overall value in the $150-$175 price range. It comes in a variety of fun colors, we love the green and orange,  and is very easy to us. However, we were disappointed by the durability of the camera.

We recently tested the Fuji XP50 in Maui while snorkeling in the ocean and relaxing in the pool. Basically anytime we went in the water the XP50 was put to use. In general we found the camera easy to use with fast start up times and one button video access.  The battery generally lasted a full day with regular use.  One design flaw is it's possible to insert the battery incorrectly into the camera and shut the protective door.  It's an easy mistake to make even with the color coded battery.

Picture quality is just okay for a camera approaching $200. The gallery below includes a couple of shots from the snorkeling trip that should give you an idea of the quality you can expect from the XP50 underwater with good visibility at about 11am. The camera takes decent pictures on land as well. The image tends to be a little soft but reasonable for a ruggedized camera in this price range.

Our main concern with the Fuji XP50 is durability. We suspect that anyone that buys this camera will expect to use it quite a bit in whatever body of water happens to be nearby.  What you sacrifice in picture quality you would expect to make up in versatiliy.  We suspect those with pools and fresh water lakes may have a better experience than we did in the Pacific.

After just 1 week of use, the gasket sealed door on the XP50 used to protect the SD card and battery from water would no longer open properly.  It had to be forced open.  We found this disappointing for a product that bills itself as waterproof.  We rinsed the camera with fresh water everyday in an effort to minimize the effects of the salt water.

Still, at this price the XP50 is enticing and if you’re looking for a ruggedized camera for casual water use it may hold up better than our ocean experience. The best bet would be to buy it from a retailer with a solid return policy so you can test it for yourself. Costco would be a good choice and of this writing offers this product as a special bundle for $159 that includes a nice package of accessories to sweeten the deal.

Visit Fujifilm Global for more information and all the specs on its lineup of waterproof cameras.



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