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The Roku 2 XS Review

The Roku 2 XS is a great gift for anyone with a high speed Internet connection that wants to get into streaming movies, TV shows and other content but may not be the most technically savvy person in the world. For example, if you have an Amazon Prime account but aren’t quite sure how to access all that content you should be looking at Roku.

The box is small, consumes very little power and cleverly designed with Ethernet, HDMI and analog connections so it works with just about any TV. And the microSD slot allows you to expand the memory of the device very inexpensively. The Roku lineup ranges from $40-$100 with the XS offering support for games such as Angry Birds.

Roku has to keep evolving because “Smart TVs” from Samsung and other leading consumer electronics companies are already offering similar capabilities on HDTVs. The most common bundled services tend to Netflix, Pandora, HULU and other well known services. However, on the Samsung TV we tested Amazon Prime content was not an option. Also, steaming services and apps built into TVs tend to be clunky even by leading manufacturers such as Samsung. We should see significant progress on this front at CES 2013.

So for the wannabe streamers in your life the Roku 2 XS is one of the best options whether or not their TV has built in streaming or not. It’s extremely simple to use and has one of the most complete lineup of services available on any device. Roku has also done a good job making the design fun and friendly.

Visit Rolu for all the specs and current lineup of services availalbe on the Roku 2 XS




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