I'm impressed with the Wii console design. It's simple, compact and sleek similar to the Nintendo DS Lite design. Ports are accessible. Four Game Cube controller ports and Game Cube memory card slots are nicely tucked on top and Wii memory slots are accessible in the front. This placement tells me that these features were not an after thought. The plate stand, sensor bar, and Wii cradle are on the cheap end. The light, thin plastic didn't seem to go with the console but they work so I can't complain.

The sensor bar, the heart of Wii's innovative controller scheme, is a delicate piece of hardware. The hair-thin wire attaching the sensor bar to the console is even more delicate. If my kids were any younger, I'd make sure that this wire is secure and hidden behind the T.V. A little yank or pull on this wire and it's a goner. Nintendo should have put some more thought into protecting this component.

The Wii-mote and Nunchaku controllers are very comfortable for both adult and kid's hands. The buttons are nicely spread and can be easily reach by the left and right hand digits.


Plugging the components is easy. Each port on the Wii is nicely labeled and stupid-proof. The only head-scratchers were the plate stand and the sensor bar stand. Of course, I didn't read the instructions. Are you kidding me' Placing the sensor bar on the bar stand is a little tricky. My advice: use scotch tape to secure the stand on top of the TV. Try to avoid using the double-sided tape because that's permanent.

Play time!

After a quick and painless Wii-mote, date and time configuration, we were good to go. My kids had a blast with the Wii Channel. I just stood back and watched them create their console avatars or Mii. (cute name ain't it') The menus and interface were so intuitive that my 5 and 8 year old didn't have any problems naming and creating their Mii's. I got the occasional, 'Do you like it, Daddy'' But that's about it. Nice job, Nintendo.

We spent about 2-hours playing/testing all the games in the Wii Sports CD; the game package bundled with the Wii console. Wii Sports contains tennis, golf, boxing, bowling and baseball games. All of them worked well with the wireless controllers and, more importantly, they were all fun. I can see both kids and adults playing together with the Wii Sports alone. It's definitely a good party title.

What's next?

The next step for me is to play with the six other games that I bought. (Tough life!) I'm also putting the WiiConnect 24 to the test. This is the Wii's online component. So far, I'm impressed with the Wii's wireless controllers, hardware and interface. From what I've seen and played, I'd highly recommend getting the Wii game system.