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Nest Learning Thermostat 2.0 Review

The Nest thermostat provides an incredibly thoughtful design with a friendly analog front end. Nest has taken something as mundane as a thermostat and tricked it out in an attractive package with smart phone apps and a PC dashboard to appreciate the intelligence inside. This is the company's initial foray into home automation and a sign of much bigger things to come.

Installing Nest is as easy as matching the wires to appropriate terminals. Nest says it’s compatible with 05% of 24V systems. Essentially, if you have a typical thermostat that is basically a low voltage on/off switch with some programmability, you can upgrade to Nest with little to no drama.

Is it nuts to spend $250 on a thermostat? Yes and no. Today’s thermostats offer plenty of programming options to set conditions inside your home for larger blocks of time. For example you may program the device to heat or cool in the morning, late morning, evening and late evening. That works pretty well for most folks but it’s not very dynamic and what happens when no one’s actually in the house?

Nest takes these gross adjustments and continually builds on them with the micro adjustments you make during the day and any movement the house that triggers the sensor in the thermostat. All this is data is wirelessly fed to the app to continually improve performance, become more efficient and hopefully drive your energy costs down.

We really like Nest. The 2.0 design is even sleeker and it pretty much works as advertised. It’s a very impressive feat to make the thermostat cool (no pun intended). If the net result is lower energy costs, which we can’t confirm until after an extended period of use, so much the better and that’ll make the $250 price tag a little easier to take.

Visit Nest for more information and all the specs.



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