Skullcandy Riff Wireless Headphones Review

skull candy riff wireless

These headphones offer good value with quality sound, a comfortable fit and easy pairing to your phone. The hardest part of using these headphones is just getting them out of the box. Pairing is seamles and they're way more comfortable to wear than the images would suggest.  For $30 you'll be hard pressed to find a better on-ear solution for walking and listening to music or talking on the phone.  We would not recommend these for running, travel or office use as they will not block out enough external use.  However, for walking in the neighborhood and being ready to take calls these are a good solution.  The microphone sounds great, just like talking directly into the phone.  You'll want to avoid lound streets and misc. noise because these are not noise canceling and all that racket will come through on the other side.  Build wise it's fine as long as you don't abuse your stuff.  The headband is plastic and yes we could easily snap it if we tried.  But again, back to the $30 price point, what do you expect.  Overall we were pleasantly surprised with the Riff line from Skullcandy.

Visit Skullcandy for more information and all the specs on the Riff headphones.