HP Unleashes Thunderbolt for ZBook Line

The new HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation should make a lot of mobile video editors happy. Finally, Thunderbolt alone will have a profound effect on the entire production workflow. The ability to drive a 4k display when necessary is also a nice perk. Nvidia's latest GPUs are also featured. We're looking forward to getting our hands on this one.

Visit HP for more information and all the specs.

How to Install an SSD Drive in a Desktop Computer

If you've been thinking about upgrading your system to an SSD there's never been a better time. We recommend OS and APPs on the SSD and data and renders on two seperate drives. If you're working with lots of HD data you may need a RAID array to provide enough throughput to your processors. For everyday computing tasks you will notice a huge improvement. Your PC will boot faster, launch applicatons faster and generally feel more snappy. We recommend leaving at least 25% overhead of blank space so the SSD can optimize the read writes and prolong the life of the drive.

LED versus Plasma versus LCD: LED is winning

Samsung is cranking out some amazing smart televisions with Internet apps and menu systems that are extremely easy to use. There was a time when we’d look at the pros and cons of plasma versus LED versus LCD but these days if you have the cash to spend we’d advise going with LED.

To make it even simpler, start with Samsung and use its latest line of LEDs as your benchmark for price and performance. If you feel that Vizio at Costco can compete on quality and features than go for it.

If you’re still addicted to the black levels of plasma and its warm picture, start with Panasonic as your benchmark and go from there. With the power consumption, heat and weight of plasma it’s getting harder and harder to justify on anything other than cost.

Older style LCDs we’d flat out avoid these days unless your budget dictates it. In that case, start with what Sharp and Sony are doing and go from there.

Our favorite suppliers of TVs in order are Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Sharp. Again, we advise using these manufactures as your benchmark and if you see something you like that compares favorably on price, go for it.

If you took us to the electronics store today we’d likely spend the most time choosing among the Samsung lineup as the company is really doing a nice job with the picture quality, menu system and industrial design.

Visit Samsung for more information.

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