Think different. Remember that grammatically challenged campaign' It clearly embodied the rebellious nature of the Apple faithful. 'Intel, Microsoft and 'the man' aren't going to force some wanna-be operating system down my throat. Screw the right-mouse click. Macs rule!"

The truth is Apple is running out of ideas on how to grow market share. Besides video networking and some of the iLife stuff the Mac just isn't that 'different' after all. Not enough people are 'switching' to Macs. The iPod runs on both platforms. AMD and Intel are rolling out dual processors on a single chip and still ramping clock speeds while Apple isn't quite worth IBM's attention. In fact, IBM appears perfectly content to focus on the exploding video game industry with its cell processor technology slated for use in the upcoming Playstation 3 and other systems.

So despite its superior design, packaging and marketing, Apple has succumbed to one of the behemoths of the industry that many of its users would have considered evil in the past. No sooner than the announcement that Apple was putting Intel inside did a crop of new Apple logos, like the one above, appear on the Internet mocking the new marriage.

The spin-doctors in Cupertino really have their work cut out for them now. It's not just another PC. It's a Mac. Yes, all the components are pretty much the same. I guess you could say Intel makes this chip JUST for us. Look at this case how it opens with one latch. C'mon, Think Different, switch or whatever it is we're spending millions of dollars to convince you to do. Hey look, here comes Steve Jobs! Steve! Help!

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