Well, if Applied Generics is successful it may not solve the distracted driver problem but it may be able to provide a new way for cell phone service providers to help the highway authorities. Applied Generics' (awful name isn't it') software allows network operators to monitor active subscribers in a mobile network, aggregate the data and spit out real-time traffic information. Add up the millions of mobile handsets in use and you have a nice set of data points spread throughout a geographic region. All of a sudden, traffic reports become that much more detailed and accurate. So now you'll know a little more precisely why your commute is taking you over an hour. Comforting I know.

Different versions of the system are being tested in Europe. Applied Generics has been working on its software since 1999 and it's starting to gain momentum as traffic arteries are becoming increasingly clogged around the globe.

Now if they can just figure out a way to get Buffy and Chaz to at least glance at their mirrors (of course not the vanity mirrors) every once in a while before changing lanes we'll be on to something.

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