If you’re looking for the fastest and simplest way to share what you see on your computer screen with anyone, anywhere in the world, this is it.

The folks at LogMeIn revolutionized remote access to PCs and now they’ve made it just as simple to do a “live meeting” without Live Meeting or any other cumbersome solution.

We attended a marketing meeting with folks in the US, Spain and Israel all on the conference call . It took less than 1 minute using ‘join me’ to have everybody online and following the Powerpoint in real time. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Join me is free for basic use and offers a premium pay service as well. If you frequently herd cats with Powerpoint or any material you want to share from 1 computer to many, join me is a no hassle way to get it done.

Visit Join Me for more information and to share your computer screen in seconds.