Have Grease Will Travel - Grease Has It's Challenges

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Grease has its challenges too, not the least of which is the nasty factor. When you're clean and it's late the last think you want to deal with is a big tub of grease. Also, sometimes it's hard to find good grease. During the summer months when it's hot most dumpsters are filled with rancid grease. Once you get settled down in a city it becomes easier to find the good grease but it's still tricky whenever you leave town.

To an outsider it sounds like a whole lot of trouble to burn grease. Why not just save yourself the hassle and buy a Prius or some other hybrid' Joseph's motivation can be summed up in one word, satisfaction. Despite the large initial investment nothing beats the feeling of filling up a 40 gallon tank and driving just about anywhere for free. It's fun to see people's reactions to his grease mobile and his classmates give him a little more respect. It's one thing to talk about burning grease it's another thing to go do it. Plus the exhaust smells pretty good. Joseph's favorite batch of grease, besides the batch from Popeye's chicken that possibly saved his life, came from a Texas steak house. He recalls it as 'pure jerky heaven.' Take that Prius!

Keep it funky -- Rick Spence



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