IK Multimedia GrooveMaker for iPhone

IK Multimedia adds another funky app to the fray. The GooveMaker for iPhone ports the PC/Mac application to the wondrous little phone.  It's  like a poor man's version of Roland's GooveBox in the palm of your hand.  It's getting to the point now where you could pack an iPhone, a laptop, decent sound card and condenser mic in a backpack and bang out a demo tape just about anywhere.

We could spout off about what we think but when it comes to fun toys like this you really have to just check it out for yourself.  Just load it and play and see what happens. The free version includes a variety of house and Hip-Hop styles with plenty of loops to get you started. IK always does a pretty good job with the sounds so you may surprise yourself by the noise you can make.

Visit Groovemaker for more information.



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