Sometimes First Gets Forgotten

Technology doesn't make the best television. I love technology but I'll be the first to admit it's hard to wrap a story around gigabits, cubicles and computer screens. The real story was always with the people. Why they did what they did and the interesting things that happened along the way.

While going through some old tapes of the show I came across a story I did on Dave Needle, Jay Miner and the original Amiga team. I though it was kind of fun and that real Amiga fans might enjoy it. So I decided to add it to the archives. The Amiga Computer was way ahead of its time yet never seemed to get the recognition or the market share it deserved.



Happy Dancer

May 14, 2019 Worth a Listen
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The 24 Hours of happy was groundbreaking when released over 5 years ago. The dancer at…