Google brings an analog flavor to news with it's new FastFli web app. It kind of made us want to reach out and slide articles around on our flat screen similar to the way we use the screen on the iPhone

At funkyfresh we're partial to anything with an analog vibe. We miss our knobs. Almost all the recording and mixing we do now is "in the box". Our local paper just made a plea for ideas on how it might be saved from extinction. We're not digging the ink on the hands but we still enjoy the flipping of the pages.

Google Fast Flip makes it easy to do just that with myriad sources in a fast and custom way. It's fun to literally flip like mad until something catches your eye. We find it a great way to do a visual scan of the days news. Perhaps the novelty will wear off but for now it's something fresh and fun from the Googleplex.

Sandboxie has been around for a few years but unless you have a specific need for this utility you might not have discovered it. We recently needed to run two instances of an M3U editor that doesn’t allow multiple instances in Windows. Well, Sandboxie worked great for that and is handy for other tasks as well.

Sandboxie runs programs in an isolated space on your hard drive which prevents unwanted permanent changes to your system and other programs running on your computer. Just like a sandbox little kids might play in, the programs are free to trash this area and wreak havoc while everything stays cool with the rest of your PC.

If you like trying new software but hate the problems that come with removing poorly written code than Sandboxie just may be the ticket for you.

Visit Sandboxie for more information.
IK Multimedia adds another funky app to the fray. The GooveMaker for iPhone ports the PC/Mac application to the wondrous little phone.  It's  like a poor man's version of Roland's GooveBox in the palm of your hand.  It's getting to the point now where you could pack an iPhone, a laptop, decent sound card and condenser mic in a backpack and bang out a demo tape just about anywhere.

We could spout off about what we think but when it comes to fun toys like this you really have to just check it out for yourself.  Just load it and play and see what happens. The free version includes a variety of house and Hip-Hop styles with plenty of loops to get you started. IK always does a pretty good job with the sounds so you may surprise yourself by the noise you can make.

Visit Groovemaker for more information.