Apple always manages to put the best spin on everything it does. It's a marketing driven company that has done such a good job of convincing the faithful that its products are superior that even when the technology doesn't live up to the promises of it's fearless leader, media darling Steve Jobs, they continue to drink the Kool-Aid.

Apple customers have been very forgiving of iBooks with defective screens, iPods with short battery life, and dual G5 systems that still crash even with a much touted and improved Unix based operating system. Despite a history of over hyping and under delivering Apple manages to keep its precious few percentage points of the overall PC market. So why do these people keep coming back for more? Are they addicted to disappointment?
Now that's just crazy talk. Applied Generics hopes to make all those drivers with cell phones an asset on the road versus a liability. Everyone has a love hate relationship with cell phones. You almost have to have one these days to stay connected and they can be invaluable in an emergency. But let's face it, a lot of people aren't cutting deals while chirping away during rush hour. They're simply chewing the cud.

Distracted drivers on cell phones have become such a problem that states have begun passing laws making distracted driving illegal. However, it doesn't seem to be doing much good. Besides, doesn't the highway patrol have more important things to tend to rather than pulling over cell phone offenders?
Let's see. If Google becomes the default search engine of choice and Blogger becomes the blog tool for the masses and we all open Gmail accounts wouldn't that start to get a little scary' Just think. We could receive non-stop targeted advertisements during nearly all of our online activities. Great!

Google has a cute little name and an innocent looking logo. But never forget that this company is a powerful Silicon Valley entity that is motivated by profits and the value of its stock. There aren't a whole lot of fancy cars in the Google parking lot just yet but give it time. As companies grow larger they get sloppy and lazy. And I hope Google can fend off the pounds for as long as possible.