I reviewed the Samsung 191T flat panel monitor a while back and I liked it so much that I picked one up to replace my aging NEC monitor. It's been a solid unit but recently I started noticing noise and hum being picked up by my sound card. I use my PC as a digital audio workstation for recording and mixing so any noise gets recorded and amplified and really gets in the way. The noise is not audible otherwise and does not interfere with general computer use.
When things were really booming in Silicon Valley I used to work for NBC San Francisco on a show called New Media News. We cranked out three new half hour shows a week and had a lot of fun doing it. The most fun was producing stories in the field and meeting lots of smart and interesting people. Everyone has a story to tell.
When shopping for a video camera, you'll see the following choices: VHS, S-VHS, 8MM, Hi8, Digital 8, and DV. There are several flavors of DV (digital video) cameras for professional use, such as DVCAM and DVCPRO50, but we'll focus on more affordable options here.

DV cameras, which start at $800, offer the most bang for your buck. They are capable of incredible quality that was impossible for the same money just a few years ago. VHS and 8MM are the cheapest, about $400, but the picture quality is a bit grainy. Hi8 quality is a step above VHS and 8MM, but it falls short of DV quality.