Now you have a real reason to get an iPad. Check out 2D of the Gorillaz doing his demo of the iELECTRIBE. The Gorillaz are in the funkyfresh hall of fame and it looks like this app is destined for greatness. We imagine an instrument for every member of the band will be forthcoming. Enjoy!

Tim Exile has made arguably the best product demo of all time for Native Iinstruments.  The Mouth is flat out fun.  Can't afford to hire Dr. Luke for your next mix?  Consider messing around with this.  You may surprise yourself.

GroupMe, founded just last year and making a recent splash at SXSW, is one of the quickest ways to set up conference calls and group messaging and it’s free. Just register and pop in a few phone numbers. It really couldn’t be easier.

We set up a quick call with 2 cell phones and a Cisco IP phone. We received error messages when we called in with the Cisco phone. However, when we used the cell phones to start the conference call everything worked fine. Later in the day the Cisco IP phone worked fine too. Not sure what the deal was because the phone and network were working fine that day.

What’s cool is any phone that is part of the group can be used to initiate the conference call or group messaging session and all other phones in the group will be called automatically. This could be viewed as a nuisance to some because conference members might prefer to check in when ready but it really makes for a seamless way to network. Just tell everyone, “hey let’s get on a call at 3”, nobody has to do anything until the moderator is actually ready to start the call.

The best way to appreciate GroupMe is to try it for yourself. You can set it up in just a couple of minutes and it supports up to 25 users at once, although we’d keep it under 10.

Visit GroupMe for more information and to easily set up a conference of your own.